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Modere Trim is quite an interesting option among competitors on the market. On the one hand, it claims to help in reducing body weight. On the other hand, it boasts to provide anti-aging effects. Is it possible through one supplement? To answer this question, let’s discover more about its composition and possible mechanisms of action.

What is Modere Trim

This supplement comes in a liquid dosage form and this is just the start of its special unique features. This formula was developed to have the body not only restore the normal metabolic processes but also prevent aging and make skin, hair and nails healthier.

The creators of this remedy selected a set of active compounds that provide these types of action. The ingredients are natural so they do not have harmful adverse effects. At the same time, they act mildly and slowly and customers usually require some time to observe the visual changes.

Still, the product has gained popularity and mainly due to the following effects that are claimed by the manufacturer and are developed after the intake.

Weight loss

Of course, losing extra kilos is the primary aim of this remedy. It is achieved by activation of metabolism and making the body produce more energy. For this, fats are burned and their accumulation in the body is prevented. This process is not quick. However, it gives sustainable results and helps to get in shape in a natural way without additional stress.

Reducing body fat

This action is closely related to the previous one. Excess weight is usually associated with fat that is stored in the body. When the diet is rich in sugars, they start to accumulate in the form of fat. Then, metabolic processes are hindered and all this becomes a vicious cycle.

Thus, this natural composition is aimed at stopping these processes and helping the body to convert all excess fat into energy.

Controlling appetite

Last but not least is a decrease in cravings for unhealthy food and reduced appetite. This action is quite important to be able to follow a healthy diet, eat less and eliminate excess calories. As a result, losing weight becomes even easier, as well as building up healthy habits and following a beneficial lifestyle.

Does Modere Trim Really Work?

As with all natural supplements, this one takes quite a lot of time to work. One needs to take it regularly for at least 6 weeks to observe the first results. In addition, the remedy should be combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Altogether, there is no way to wait for a miracle. But if you follow all recommendations, then the desired effects will definitely come.

Key Ingredients

Now let’s unveil the most valuable ingredients of this formula. It contains quite a big list of compounds with different mechanisms of action. Among the most important are the following.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

This fatty acid is essential and can be found in dairy products and meat. Its effects were carefully studied on the animals. Thus, several scientific investigations revealed the following properties:

  • activation of the metabolic processes and creation of more energy in the body;
  • reduced fat accumulation and enhanced conversion of fats into energy;
  • reduced body weight as a result of the combination of two previous actions.

However, these effects were not studied on humans. Therefore, more investigations are required.

Liquid BioCell

This component is a second basic ingredient in this composition. It consists of hyaluronic acid and collagen. Both these compounds are not related to weight loss. However, they are required to maintain the health of skin, hair and nails and prevent the aging process.

Thus, hyaluronic acid is a top component in all skin-care products and its sufficient quantity is crucial for the young and beautiful appearance.

As for collagen, it is the main building block for hair, skin and nails. In addition, several scientific investigations claimed its relation to other metabolic processes. For instance, it is able to suppress appetite and promote the burning of fats. In addition, when combined with regular workouts, it helps to build up muscular mass.

Citric acid

The main role of this molecule is to serve as a preservative and maintain the quality of the whole composition for a sufficient time. In addition, it takes part in different metabolic processes and is utilized by the body in the process of fat burning. That is why it has properties of both active and auxiliary ingredients.


As for cocoa, it is a popular compound for weight loss as it helps to decrease appetite and cravings for various unhealthy foods. The reduced intake of calories is also essential for losing weight and getting a slim and beautiful shape.

Customer Reviews

Hanna, 38: I was curious to try this product due to the combination of effects that it provides. For me, the required time to observe the first results was quite long. However, I lost a few extra kilos, so now I continue the intake. I enjoyed the results as the condition of my hair and nails became better.

Jane, 54: As for me, I can’t say that this product is super fast. However, it delivers the effect and the results are quite good. In addition, I appreciate the absence of adverse reactions and the overall response of my organism is positive.

Helen, 45: Previously, I tried several other supplements. However, Modere Trim appeared to be the most effective among all of them. With its help, I got in shape at last and also I observed some positive results for my skin. Thus, I’m going to use it further on to stay slim and healthy.


One more special and unique feature about this product is that it comes in a liquid dosage form. Thus, the daily dose corresponds to one spoon (approximately 15 ml) that can be taken at any time during the day. It’s better to select the most suitable time and take the remedy regularly every day.

The required period of the intake is at least two months. If during this period you observe the desired effect, then you can continue the intake. As this composition is natural, it does not require cycling or any other special rules of the intake.

Potential Side Effects

No dangerous adverse reactions are related to this product. The composition is quite rich and contains various ingredients but their overall action is mild and does not create additional stress for the body.

At the beginning of the intake, customers sometimes report such reactions as diarrhea, nausea, bloating and dizziness. Usually, they are mild and disappear on their own without any need for special treatment.

Still, it is advisable to check the whole composition for the presence of allergens. Furthermore, if you experience any unpleasant side effects and they persist for a few days or more, then stop the intake immediately and consult your healthcare provider on your further actions.


One bottle contains 450 ml of the supplement, which is equivalent to a one-month supply. It costs approximately $120. In addition, the manufacturer provides sales, promotions and free shipping.

Therefore, one should purchase it from the official website to utilize the benefits and get the supplement at the best price.


Overall, Modere Trim is quite unusual compared to other popular products in this group. However, it has a positive effect and helps not only reduce weight, but also slow down the aging process. If your problems are not urgent and you can wait for the result, then it’s worth a try.

In addition, keep in mind the importance of its combination with a healthy lifestyle, including a proper diet, regular workouts and reduced stress. If you combine all this together, the results will be quicker and much more satisfactory.


What are the side effects of Modere?

Usually, this remedy does not provide adverse reactions. Rarely do customers report mild digestion issues like nausea, diarrhea and bloating. However, they disappear after the body gets used to the composition.

How do you use Modere trim for weight loss?

This is a liquid dosage form. Therefore, one should take one spoon per day regularly for at least 6 weeks to observe the first results.

How fast do you see results with modere?

On overage, one requires two months to see the difference. Still, the response is individual and largely depends on the health condition of the customer.

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