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Metabolism and conversion of energy in our bodies are quite sophisticated processes. Many factors influence them and sometimes they go wrong, which leads to health issues and certain diseases. Luckily enough, special products were created to help overcome these problems and return the body to its good shape, appearance and health.

One such powerful agent is PhenQ. There is lots of information about it on the web and this review summarizes it and highlights the most important points that a user should know.

What is PhenQ?

This is a natural composition full of useful ingredients. Its main aim is to enhance the processes of fat burning inside the body. At the same time, it prevents the formation of new fat cells.

Another dimension of its action is boosting energy and activity levels. This helps to stick to a healthier lifestyle and reduce the consumption of unhealthy products. In addition, being in a good mood also contributes to faster results.

Benefits of PhenQ

This product has gained huge popularity and because of its fascinating effects and advantages. The developers created a sophisticated composition that takes into account all the needs of the body and provides it with essential nutrients.

Thus, the main aim is not only to increase the degradation of fats but also to make the body healthier. And this is a true advantage of this composition.

Weight loss

The most active action of this product is, of course, associated with weight loss. This is achieved via the following mechanisms:

  • intense burning of fats instead of their accumulation in different parts of the body;
  • stimulation of the energy consumption by cells for building muscles, etc.;
  • reducing the craving for food, especially unhealthy.

Moreover, when a person feels more energetic, this helps to follow a healthy lifestyle and exercise more. Even a better mood also promotes the loss of weight. Therefore, the global benefit is a complex action that combines different organs and systems of the body.

Energy and metabolism

When fat is accumulated inside the body, this leads to numerous health issues, such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, etc. In addition, overall metabolism changes. Thus, often the tolerance to glucose is hindered and this makes the problem even deeper.

Therefore, this composition is aimed at improving all metabolic processes and showing the body how to produce more energy and use it in a beneficial way. This makes a person strong and enhances the proper work of all systems of the body.

An overall effect is brilliant for life and provides not only health but also activity and real happiness.

Appetite suppression

It’s quite intriguing to eat less and at the same time feel more energetic. But this is a reality with PhenQ. The ingredients of this product are able to suppress appetite, especially cravings for unhealthy products. This makes a great contribution to the process of losing weight and regaining a good shape.

In addition, it helps to normalize metabolism and get all essential nutrients from the diet. Moreover, this effect can even prevent certain diseases. There will be no need to care a lot about food and the slim figure will be a perfect result.

Does PhenQ Really Work?

So, what about the overall action of this product? First and foremost, it definitely works and provides superb results. The action of the components is backed by science and the developers reveal the composition, so the customers can learn more about it and understand all the details about its action.

Moreover, one can find numerous positive reviews on the web and learn more about the experience of other customers. This is great to be able to understand what awaits you after the period of intake. In addition, one can ask questions and talk to those who already have something to share.

Altogether, this product is a great way to get in shape and stay healthy!

Key ingredients

Of course, the secret of this product’s efficiency is hidden in the active components. The developers claim that the combination is even more powerful due to the combined action of the following ingredients.

Ɑ-Lacys Reset

This unique and key component is a mixture of alpha-lipoic acid, magnesium and L-cysteine. Their action is aimed at increasing the burning of fat, improving the recovery and growth of muscles and positively influencing brain work and mood.

Chromium Picolinate

This compound has a number of useful properties for those who have slow metabolism, namely:

  • regulation of the blood sugar levels and help in maintaining their stability;
  • suppression of an appetite and prevention of overeating;
  • regulation of insulin activity that is required for the consumption of glucose by the body.

Capsimax Powder

This powder contains capsaicinoid, piperine, vitamin B3 and caffeine. They provide the following actions:

  • Capsaicinoid and piperine increase the conversion of food products into energy and heat instead of the formation of fat cells. Thus, they help both to burn fat and prevent its accumulation;
  • Vitamin B3 is also known as niacin and stimulates the production of special proteins for the regulation of metabolic processes, reducing inflammation and improving the work of the digestive system.
  • Caffeine is a famous energy booster that activates the body and helps it to work in all areas.

L-Carnitine Fumarate

This compound is an amino acid derivative and is a component of many vegetables. It is required for the metabolism of fats and enhances their participation in energy formation instead of being accumulated. This molecule combats fatigue and exhaustion and brings more activity even when one eats less.

Real Customer Reviews

Mark, 45: For me, PhenQ became a real breakthrough. All that I’ve done before to lose weight was not effective and only due to this supplement did I observe the real results. After one month of regular intake, the weight started to decrease and this process goes on. Just superb!

Melissa, 51: I appreciate not only the help of PhenQ to lose weight and maintain it on a healthy level but also the fact that it provides energy. Previously, diets made me hungry and angry and this was terrible and gave little positive results. Now, I eat less but feel energetic and lose weight at the same time.

John, 48: PhenQ boosts my energy better than any other supplement. Due to its intake, I perform better in the gym and after the first course, I achieved the appearance I dream about. In addition, there were no side effects for me so I’m going to continue its intake and get even greater results.

Marie, 38: I like the effects of PhenQ as it makes me more active and positive. This helps me to stick to healthy food and build other useful habits. Moreover, extra kilos disappear! It’s also quite easy to take the capsules and there are always some sales and promotions that make buying the supplement even more beneficial.

Tips for Using PhenQ Effectively

Those who would like to get the maximum results from the intake of these capsules, should learn a little more about their usage.


According to the developers, one should take two capsules per day. The first dose should be taken during breakfast and the second with lunch.
There is no need to exceed the dose. Keep in mind that it is quite powerful and was carefully selected during the creation stage.

Furthermore, it is recommended not to take the capsules after 3 PM due to the high content of caffeine. This compound may not only boost your energy but also influence the quality of sleep. Thus, it is advisable not to take it during the second half of the day.

For the same reason, one may reduce the intake of tea, coffee and other caffeine-containing beverages. Here, one should follow the individual reaction of the body and correct the diet accordingly.


If you would like to enhance the action of the remedy even more, then it’s crucial to make certain lifestyle changes, namely:

  • Analyze your diet and add to it more fruits and vegetables, lean meat, nuts and other useful products. Eliminate processed food and those products that are full of sugar, salt and fat.
  • Quit such bad habits as smoking and abusing alcohol.
  • Switch to an active lifestyle and add some regular physical activity to your daily routine.

In addition, take care of your life-work balance and the quality of sleep. Reduce the amount of stress in your everyday life and apply some breathing techniques and mindfulness practices.

All these actions are more than helpful on the way to a healthy body and normal weight.


One should check the pricing on the official website of the manufacturer. Actually, this is the one proper place to order and purchase this product. For now, the proposals are as follows:

  • 1 bottle costs $69.99;
  • 2 bottles are available for $139.99 and one more is provided for free;
  • 3 bottles have the price of $209.99 and there are two more free bottles in this case.

One bottle contains the capsules for one month. Thus, one can start from it to experience the effects and then buy in bulk.

Potential Side Effects

As with all similar natural products, PhenQ is not associated with any dangerous or severe adverse reactions. Sometimes, at the beginning of the intake, customers experience some light reactions, such as headache, nausea and difficulties with sleeping. However, they quickly disappear after the body gets used to the product and its components.

The only serious potential side effect is an allergic reaction. Thus, one should carefully study the composition and check what is the usual body reaction for them. The same should be done during the first weeks of the intake. Follow the reactions of your body and pay attention to all that you feel.


In a nutshell, it’s easy and joyful to lose weight and get in shape together with PhenQ. Even when you do nothing special, this composition will influence the inner process of your body and stimulate the burning of fat.

Moreover, if you change your lifestyle, especially diet and exercise, the results will be achieved even faster and will surprise you. Therefore, do not waste your time and follow your dreams together with PhenQ!


Is PhenQ Safe?

Yes, this composition was checked and all the components are natural and backed by science. It is not associated with harmful effects.

Is Phenq worth it?

Definitely, this composition is not only unique but also helpful. It does more than just eliminate excess weight, It brings the body energy and overall health.

What does Phen Q do?

This product enhances the burning of fats and prevents their accumulation in the body. In addition, it normalizes other metabolic processes.

Is phenq a prescription?

No, everyone can purchase it on the website of the manufacturer and use is according to the instructions.

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