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PhenQ vs Instant Knockout Supplements

PhenQ and Instant Knockout are the representatives of boosting supplements. They are both quite active and well-known among the customers. Still, they differ in their composition and some special features of the action. Let’s unveil the most important information about these products to understand how to benefit from them.

What is PhenQ

This product is one of the best in its segment for losing weight without tiresome diets and exhausting workouts. The main aim of this composition is to stimulate natural metabolic processes and activate the burning of fats. In addition, PhenQ provides enough energy and enhances mood. Such a complex effect always gives positive results.

Appetite suppression

One of the dimensions of its action is the suppression of the appetite and cravings for sugary and other unhealthy foods. This helps not to gain the lost kilos again in a short period. Then, when a person eats less due to this supplement, this helps to develop healthy eating habits and correct the lifestyle.

Fat burning

The way that helps in losing weight on these capsules is enhanced fat burning. Natural components of the product activate these processes and transform fats into energy. Those who do not neglect exercising have even better and faster effects.

Blocks fat production

Last but not least it blocks synthesis of fats from sugars. The body stops accumulating fats while on PhenQ and this makes a great contribution to its overall effect. Moreover, this effect is stable and its results are maintained for a long period.

What is Instant Knockout

As for this product, it is also a well-known energy booster, which is helpful for losing weight. In addition, it enhances the growth of muscles and thus it became especially famous among athletes. It has a mild natural action and does not create any additional stress on the body.

Boosts metabolism

The main aim of these capsules is to activate various metabolic processes and stimulate the creation and proper utilization of energy inside the body. It is successfully achieved due to the combination of powerful ingredients.

Weight loss

The disappearance of extra kilograms becomes possible due to active fat burning and prevention of the formation of new fat cells. In addition, when all the metabolic pathways become healthier, this promotes losing weight in a natural way.

Enhances thermogenesis

One more interesting action of this product is the creation of higher amounts of heat. It is produced basically during the fat-burning processes. This helps athletes and bodybuilders during the most active workouts.

What is a Key Difference?

Actually, these products are quite similar. Still, we can assume that while PhenQ is more prone to burn fats, Instant Knockout also helps to build up muscular mass. In addition, they differ in the dosage and a little bit in pricing.

Shared Ingredients

Some ingredients for these two products are the same and provide the same action. The most important among them include caffeine and vitamins B.


This molecule has one of the most powerful boosting properties and gives an upsurge of energy and activity to the body. Together with this compound, it’s easier to train more actively and get better results after the workouts. It prevents the feelings of fatigue and exhaustion.


Another common group of ingredients is vitamins B, namely B6 and B12. The first one takes part in almost all metabolic processes and is required for their activation and normalization. As for B12, it is required for the creation of red blood cells in the body. The latter carry out oxygen through the body and thus provide us with energy,

PhenQ Unique Ingredients

Furthermore, we should mention some unique components that shape the specific action of each product. For PhenQ, they are as follows.

Capsimax powder

This powder represents the extract of pepper. The latter has a powerful action that boosts fat burning and the production of energy and heat. In addition, it has an enhancing influence on the digestive system and allows us to get in shape faster.

Chromium picolinate

This compound is interesting from the viewpoint of the regulation of blood sugar levels and the metabolism of sugars. Many weight issues are related to dysregulated sugar consumption. Therefore, it is more than useful for losing weight and maintaining the obtained result.

In addition, this molecule helps to restore the body’s response to insulin. Thus, it may even prevent the occurrence of diabetes.


One more interesting unique ingredient of this composition is iodine. Our bodies require this microelement mostly for the formation of thyroid hormones, which are crucial compounds in the regulation of the metabolic processes.

Both increase and decrease of the level of these hormones lead to certain problems with body weight and numerous other health issues. Still, nowadays iodine deficiency is more common as we have to obtain this element from food and this is not always possible. Thus, this supplement provides enough iodine to replenish its quantity and prevent any diseases associated with it.

Instant Knockout Unique Ingredients

As for our second leader, it also contains some unique molecules that guarantee its efficiency and maximum action. Thus, the main differences with the previous product appear due to the presence of the following components.


This compound belongs to the class of polysaccharides and represents the group of pectin derivatives. The interesting fact about it is that our digestive system cannot dissolve and absorb it. Still, it stays inside and is crucial for the proper work of the digestive system and the presence of useful microflora. In addition, it creates the feeling of fullness and also decreases the appetite.

Thus, when this capsule is taken before meals, it helps to reduce the amount of taken food and at the same time prevents the feeling of dissatisfaction and discomfort.


This ingredient guarantees the smoother action of caffeine that is present in this composition in quite a high concentration. In addition, it eliminates probable side effects of the latter, such as headaches and sleep disorders.

Moreover, this molecule also participates in the regulation of metabolic processes and helps to restore their normal proceeding.

Green Tea Extract

One more key and secret ingredient of Instant Knockout is the extract of green tea. It contains flavonoids that stimulate the dissolution of fats and are able to prevent such diseases as atherosclerosis and strokes. Other antioxidants help to inactivate free radicals and take care of the feelings of energy and provide longer youth.

Furthermore, green tea is a well-known source of vitamins and minerals that are also required for the proper functioning of the body. The extract contains the highest possible concentrations of all active ingredients. That is why it is more effective than usual tea.


Apart from the differences mentioned above, these products differ in the dosage. For PhenQ, on average, one has to take two capsules per day, for instance, one for breakfast and one for lunch.

In the case of Instant Knockout, there are four capsules. They also should be distributed between the meals and the last one should not be taken later than 3 PM to avoid sleep problems.

In any case, one should not exceed the recommended dosage due to the presence of caffeine in both products. In addition, if you like to drink caffeine-containing beverages like teas and coffee, then it’s better also to limit their usage to prevent the probable side effects of too much caffeine in the blood.


On average, the pricing policy for these two supplements is similar. Both products can be purchased on the websites of the manufacturers. For PhenQ, the following prices are available:

  • a single bottle costs $69.95;
  • two bottles come for $139.00 and one more is provided for free;
  • three bottles cost $194.99 and the customers gets two more bottles for free.

As for Instant Knockout, it has the following costs:

  • one bottle comes for $65.00;
  • two bottles cost $130.00 and one more is for free;
  • the cost for three bottles is $195.00 and two bottles are given for free.

Thus, there are always favorable sales and promotions. Follow the news of the manufacturers and benefit from both the action and the price of these products.


To conclude, both these options are effective, safe and powerful. Select the one that suits your needs better and provide the actions that you are looking for. If combined with a healthy lifestyle, they’ll be even more powerful. Thus, do not hesitate to try some of them and benefit from the results.


Does phenq actually work?

Yes, this booster is quite powerful and its action is backed both by science and numerous positive reviews from real users.

Can you take fat burners while breastfeeding?

There is no scientific evidence that their utilization is safe. All the components may enter the body of a child through milk, so it’s better to avoid them.

How long does it take for phenq to work?

A few weeks at least are needed to observe the first results. The exact time depends on the individual characteristics.