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Menopause in women is associated with many unpleasant symptoms. They occur due to the changes in the production of female hormones. This affects metabolism and as a result women often gain weight, their immunity decreases and other metabolic processes become hindered. Better Body Co presents a product that aims to solve the majority of these issues in a natural way. Its name is Provitalize and here we are going to give a detailed explanation of its components, actions and abilities.

What is Provitalize

Better Body Co is a reputable organization that provides various products including Provitalize. The latter is a probiotic, which means it contains useful bacteria. In addition, a few herbal components were added by the developer to enhance the overall action.

Thus, this supplement is a helpful remedy for all women who are just before hormonal changes or already experienced them. Its main aim is to prevent the increase in body weight or help to lose extra kilos. While doing this, the pills also improve the functioning of the digestive system and overall health, including immunity.

Benefits of Provitalize

Let’s discover what is the best about this product and why it gained such huge popularity in the modern market. The following benefits are the most valuable.

Fat loss effect

The active components of this remedy help to burn fats that are accumulated inside the body. Even more, they prevent their possible further accumulation. This combination of effects leads to effective weight loss.

Balances gut flora

Useful bacteria that live in our gut are more important for health than we may imagine. However, bad habits, environmental factors and certain medicines together with an unhealthy diet kill them and ruin this sophisticated natural balance.

These pills contain a combination of several useful strains that provide useful effects for health and create a proper situation for a prolonged action. They stay inside and help in digestion and many other issues.

Improves digestion

As we have already mentioned, balancing microflora is rather helpful for digestion. A few components of the plant origin also are active in the same direction and help to reduce bloating and other unpleasant symptoms related to the digestive system.

Enhances immunity

Last but not least is the issue of the immune system. It is also backed up by good bacteria in our gut. That is why balancing their presence helps to provide the body with enough strength to combat harmful microorganisms. The latter are often associated with diseases, so here we get a complex action.

Does Provitalize Really Work?

Yes, this supplement showed a high efficiency level according to the manufacturer and users. It was not checked by the FDA and the composition as a whole was not backed by science.

However, each component has a proven efficiency and safety. Therefore, there is no reason to worry about them. The customers just have to keep in mind that their actions are individual and may take more or less time depending on various factors.

Key Ingredients

What about the composition of this product? It’s not a secret so every customer can learn more about it to understand how it works and why it is so beneficial. The basics of the formula are useful bacteria that are present in the quantity of 400 mg in each serving.


Lactobacillus gasseri can live not only in the gut but also in the urinary system. In the digestive system, it helps to break down fats that we consume with food and eliminate their excess. Thus, fats are not accumulated as a result of its action. Moreover, their burning is enhanced in the whole body.

In addition, this bacterium combats harmful species and increases immunity. This helps to shield the body from various diseases.

Breve IDCC04401

Bifidobacterium breve is another living bacterium that should be present in the gut. It participates in the metabolism and normalizes it. It also reduces inflammation in the digestive system if it occurs and takes care of the overall condition of the gut.

This bacterium also helps to reduce weight by burning fats, especially those stubborn fats in the belly area.


These natural compounds stimulate all metabolic processes and help in their normalization. They also have some fat-burning properties and enhance the effect of the whole composition. In addition, they provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are required for the proper work of the immune system and contribute to overall health.


This compound is an extract of the black pepper. It has so-called thermogenic properties. Thus, it makes the body produce more heat and this happens due to the burning of fats. As a result, a patient experiences weight loss and also becomes more active as more energy is produced inside the body.

Furthermore, this substance stimulates the absorption of other active compounds from the supplement. It provides the highest possible efficiency and contributes to the best results.

Customer Reviews

Mary, 63: I was really desperate because of the weight gain after the menopause started. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to this. And then, the problem became really painful and other negative symptoms appeared. Neither diet, nor exercise did not provide sufficient results. But when I combined them with Provitalize, I observed the loss of a few kilos in a month. So, now I’m on my way toward a healthy body.

Lisa, 45: Menopause has only started and I was already searching for remedies. I thought I needed something natural and mild and a friend of mine recommended Provitalize. I have taken it for a few months already and feel well. There are no side effects and a few extra kilos have disappeared. Fantastic!

Helga, 52: As for me, I experimented with many natural products before I have chosen Provitalize. The thing is, they are all quite different in composition and this changes the action. I required pills that are easy to take and are beneficial for the digestive system due to my previous health issues. And this product is a perfect solution to all my problems!

Eva, 48: Lately, I started to observe some weight gain. In addition, my immunity decreased. Imagine, that I caught a cold almost every month! While I was looking for the solution to these issues, I found a review about Provitalize. It appeared to be the best solution for me and it provided the action that I needed. I’m totally satisfied!

How to Take Provitalize

The recommended daily dose is two capsules per day. They can be taken together or separately at any time during the day with or without food.

There is no need to increase the dose. This approach will not provide faster effects. Thus, follow the advice of the developers and use the pills every day for at least two months to observe the results.


This product is available only through the website of the manufacturer. One bottle contains 60 capsules that is equal to a month’s supply and costs $49. In addition, one can benefit with a monthly subscription, which provides one bottle for a reduced price of $39.20.


In a nutshell, Provitalize provides a clear and effective formula. The developers do not hide any information and are always ready to answer the customer’s questions. As with all supplements, it does not act like a miracle. Instead, it gives slow but sustainable results and helps not only to get in shape but also to become healthier and more active.

Therefore, do not hesitate to try it and investigate your own experience on the way to a healthy life.


What are the negative side effects of Provitalize?

This purely natural composition is not associated with any dangerous or severe adverse reactions. At the beginning of the intake, patients rarely experience mild bloating due to the presence of new bacteria. But this effect swiftly disappears and other problems do not arise.

Which probiotic is best for losing belly fat?

Among those products that have been presented on the market for some time, Provitalize is definitely the best. It is safe and efficient and contains a proper set of ingredients that successfully solve the tasks that are set.

How long does it take for Provitalize to work?

The results depend on the individual characteristics and the condition of the body, including microbiota and hormonal changes. On average, from 6 to 8 weeks of regular intake are required to observe the visible effects.

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