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PhenQ vs Zotrim Review

Boosting supplements that help lose weight and stay active and healthy are a real treasure in the modern market. They act mildly without creating stress for the body and they are really effective. However, numerous options are presented on the market. How to select the one that will suit you best? It’s advisable to discover more about their composition and effects and then make an informed choice. Here we are going to delve into more details concerning two popular options, namely PhenQ and Zotrim.

What is PhenQ

This supplement was developed specifically to activate all metabolic processes and return them to a healthy way. It is famous for its thermogenic properties and provides the following effects:

  • increasing burning of fats and their conversion into energy;
  • stimulating all metabolic processes and preventing fat accumulation;
  • boosting energy and helping in reducing the amount of consumed food.

These pills help to lose weight and improve athletic performance at the same time.

What is Zotrim

This product is a well-known fat burner and energy booster. It activates various ways of reducing the amount of fat in the body, which include:

  • enhanced metabolism and stimulation to burn fats;
  • prevention of fat accumulation and its creation from food;
  • decreasing craving for food, especially unhealthy products.

Its developer, the company Health Nutrition, claims that all the ingredients are backed by science and provides their full list with quantities. Therefore, every customer can check this information.

Shared Ingredients

First, let’s discuss what these two products have in common. These ingredients are important for overall action and especially for energy upsurge.


This small molecule is one of the most powerful energy boosting agents in the world. It binds special receptors and prevents the feeling of fatigue. At the same time, it improves mood, boosts confidence and creates the necessary conditions for pursuing a healthy lifestyle, including switching to a healthy diet and regular workouts.

Vitamins B

As for the vitamins of group B, they are various and are absolutely needed for all metabolic processes. They take part in the regulation of metabolism, production of hormones and red blood cells and other properties. Moreover, the lack of these vitamins is always associated with various diseases.

Therefore, their presence in both products guarantees the desired effects and beneficial outcomes for overall health.

What is a Key Difference?

Still, other ingredients in these supplements differ and we should pay attention to this fact to understand which one to select. In general, PhenQ contains more components that help in the burning of fats and increasing the production of energy. As for Zotrim, it is rich in herbal extracts that are more stimulating for the whole body and even serve as aphrodisiacs.

PhenQ Key Ingredients

The topmost components of this remedy include a-lacys reset and L-carnitine. This combination is unique and provides the most powerful action among all competitors that exist on the market.

A-lacys reset

If your aim is to lose weight, this ingredient is the topmost that helps to achieve this. Be sure of its effect and you will observe how extra kilos disappear from your body. Scientific investigations have proven the fact that this compound activates fat burning processes in all body parts and prevents the accumulation of fat.

Instead, all fats are converted into energy inside the body. This is especially beneficial for athletes, who require this energy in the gym and thus convert it into muscular mass. Therefore, together with this supplement, everyone can get the body he or she has dreamt about.


One more powerful helper in achieving the desired weight and shape is L-carnitine. Its role is to transport fats and take part in their transformation inside the body. So, this molecule also prevents their accumulation and even if you consume fats they will go in the right direction together with this compound.

The most beneficial effects get athletes who need more energy and less fat in the body. This aim is achieved easily due to the combination of such active ingredients, as a-lacys reset and L-carnitine.

Zotrim Key Ingredients

Now, let’s also disclose a few secrets of Zotrim. As we have already mentioned, this composition is mainly plant-based. Thus, key components include extracts of Yerba Maté and Guarana.

Yerba Maté

This herb is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Some experts compare it with green tea but its action is more pronounced and includes the following effects:

  • active burning of fats and increasing the amount of free energy in the body;
  • appetite suppression and reducing craving for sugary and fatty foods;
  • normalization of blood sugar levels;
  • anti-inflammatory action;
  • prevention of fatigue even after exhausting workouts.

Thus, this ingredient provides maximum efficiency and is at the same time safe and backed by science.


As for this herb, it is a well-known source of caffeine, which boosts energy levels. It is also often used in beverages that claim this effect. In addition, it works as a mild aphrodisiac, improves mood and activates confidence. Therefore, it strongly supports the desire to lead a healthy lifestyle and allows sticking to the chosen measures without any difficulties.


Apart from the differences in composition, these two options also differ in the rules of the intake. Thus, for PhenQ two capsules per day are enough. They should be taken separately during meals. For instance, you can take the first pill in the morning and the second during the day.

As for Zotrim, it has a larger dose, from 6 to 9 capsules every day. One serving consists of three pills that should be taken some time before meals with a glass of water.

As both products contain caffeine, it’s worth reducing the intake of caffeine-containing beverages (tea and coffee) to prevent too high a concentration of this compound in the body. The latter may lead to sleep disorders.


Both products can be purchased from the web resources of the official developer. For PhenQ, the pricing policy is as follows:

  • A supply for one month costs $69.99. Free and fast delivery is guaranteed.
  • Three bottles come for $139.99.
  • For five bottles, one pays only $209.99, which means saving $190.

Zotrim is available under the next conditions:

  • One month’s supply costs $49.99, and delivery is free.
  • For a three months supply, you will pay only $99.99.
  • Five bottles come for $149.99, which provides a saving of $200.

Thus, customers can always benefit both from the action and health benefits and the affordable pricing for these incredible products.


In a nutshell, there is no way to tell that one of these supplements is better. They both are effective and safe and provide those actions that their manufacturers claim. Therefore, the customer should adjust his own needs and also check the individual response.

As with all supplements, the results of their intake depend much on the initial health condition. Thus, do not hesitate to try the option that seems more suitable and don’t stop on the way to a slim and healthy body!


What are the risks of PhenQ?

Sometimes patients experience minor digestive issues or sleep disorders if they take the pills late in the evening. However, these effects disappear after a few weeks of intake when the body gets used to the composition.

What is the best time to take fat burners?

Usually, it is recommended to take them in the morning and during the day before 3 or 4 PM. They provide their action while we are eating and exercising, that is why this time frame is the most suitable.

Is Zotrim Safe?

Yes, this composition contains herbs and valuable nutrients and is not associated with any harmful or dangerous adverse effects. It acts mildly and activates metabolism in a natural way. The developer claims the safety and guarantees the desired effects only.