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PhenQ PM vs Night Shred

Modern fat-burning supplements can work not only during the day but also at night. It sounds like a miracle! While you are sleeping, metabolic processes work and you become slim and healthy without any difficulties. Such products may be combined with products that should be utilized during the day or can be used on their own. Here you will discover more about two popular remedies in this series, namely PhenQ PM and Night Shred. Learn more about their features to select the most suitable option.

What is PhenQ PM

This product also has an alternative for usage during the day. Thus, it was developed based on PhenQ. However, the first option has more pronounced thermogenesis processes and activates the whole body. As for the night version, its effect is milder and is also aimed at improving the quality of sleep.

Therefore, this option is good for the combination with day supplements. Such a complex works extremely well and helps to get the desired results faster.

What is Night Shred

The main aim of this remedy is to boost the metabolic processes and activate fat burning during the nighttime. At the same time, such effects may disturb sleep. That is why this product also contains ingredients that improve the quality of rest during the night.

This option may be utilized on its own without any day products. It provides sufficient effects and contributes to decreasing weight.

Key Difference?

The main difference between these two products lies in the fact that PhenQ PM is not so active and better for sleep quality improvement. The overall effect of Night Shred is on average similar to day supplements. Thus, its influence on metabolism is more pronounced.

That is why, one should learn more about their compositions and special features before selecting the most suitable option.

Shared Ingredients

Actually, there is only one common ingredient in these two products. This proves the fact about differences between their abilities and actions.


This abbreviation stands for amino acid tryptophan. This molecule is crucial for falling asleep easily and moving smoothly through different sleep phases. Thus, its proper concentration in the body is required to guarantee the proper quality of sleep and this is exactly the reason why both developers have added it to their formulas.

PhenQ PM Unique Ingredients

Now, let’s unveil the most important secrets of this supplement. It has a carefully selected sophisticated formula that is able to normalize metabolism and make you healthier.


This microelement is of interest to those who would like to decrease body mass because it reduces cravings for sugary foods. This helps to eat less and consume fewer carbs that are prone to be turned into fats in the body.

Its presence is not as powerful as in daytime products, but still is helpful for the overall regulation of metabolism.


This amino acid is required for the production of nitric oxide and the dilation of blood vessels. This effect helps to supply all body parts with blood, oxygen and valuable nutrients. Furthermore, it is required to build up all organs and tissues, as well as enzymes. That is why it is also important for those who would like not only to lose fat but also build up muscular mass.


As for this amino acid, it also serves as an important building block for the whole body. In addition, it largely improves the quality of sleep and helps to rest at night and feel active and full of energy in the morning. This effect is a real blessing, especially when there are hard workouts during the day and the diet is limited.


Last but not least, this composition is enriched by the presence of L-theanine. This compound reduces anxiety and helps to stay in a positive and happy mood. It really dissolves all the problems and worries and creates a proper inner environment for the introduction of all the necessary changes in daily life, starting from workouts and ending with a healthy diet.

Night Shred Unique Ingredients

In this case, the composition is completely different. Let’s discover more about the most potent and valuable ingredients.


Gamma-aminobutyric acid is the most important molecule for inhibiting the activity of the brain. Thus, proper sleep and rest at night without it becomes impossible. As Night Shred activates metabolism and boosts the body toward the production of energy, the presence of this ingredient is needed to calm down the central nervous system and avoid possible sleep issues.


This herbal extract has a relaxation effect and helps to improve the quality of sleep. Moreover, it has a positive influence on the digestive system and all metabolic processes. Such a perfect combination of the sedative effect and improved metabolism is also the key to the success of this supplement.


As for this plant, its presence is a bit unusual for similar products. It also serves as a sedative and anxiolytic that reduces unpleasant feelings and improves mood. Furthermore, it provides valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are needed to balance the body and normalize all metabolic processes.


This small molecule transports fats and takes an active part in their metabolism and conversion into energy. In addition, it prevents the accumulation of fats in the body and their passive storage. Therefore, it is one of the key components in this product that guarantees losing extra kilos during night sleep.


Both these remedies should be taken at least half an hour or one hour prior to sleep. The amount of capsules differs:

  • one serving of PhenQ PM contains 4 capsules;
  • the dose of Night Shred is equal to 2 capsules.

Pills should be taken with a glass of water. Do not mix them with meals.

In addition, if during the day you are used to drinking caffeinated beverages, better to cut down their amount. Caffeine hinders the sleeping process and its combination especially with Night Shred may lead to certain disorders.

PhenQ PM and Night Shred Pricing

For three bottles of Night Shred, one will pay $95. The same amount of PhenQ PM costs $129. The first product goes with a one-month money-back guarantee, while for the second this period lasts 60 days.

Both options are available only through the official websites of the manufacturers. They often provide beneficial sales, promotions and free delivery. Usually, the more you buy, the more advantages you get.

Side Effects

As with almost all natural products, these options are quite safe and act gently. They are not associated with severe adverse reactions or other health issues. Thus, PhenQ PM rarely causes mild digestive issues and Night Shred may disturb sleeping and cause a feeling of hunger during the night.

However, when you follow all the recommendations of their intake, such problems appear quite rarely. The body usually needs a few weeks to get used to the compositions and then all possible side effects disappear on their own.

The only thing to keep in mind is the need to consult a doctor if you utilize any other medicines daily or suffer from some diseases. In these cases, it is important to get an individual consultation to understand whether or not these products are suitable.


To conclude, both these products work at night and influence metabolic processes. Still, they have only one ingredient in common and are quite different in their action and effects.

Therefore, carefully select the one you need and pay attention to all the components and their features. Anyway, it is possible to get rid of extra kilos while sleeping and it is a pity to lose such a chance. Thus, do not hesitate to try the one that is the best for you!


Does PhenQ PM make you sleepy?

No, on the contrary, its well-balanced composition is aimed at improving the quality of sleep and giving you energy through this vital process.

Does Night Shred burn fat?

Yes, it has a powerful formula that activates fat-burning during the night and prevents the accumulation of fat in the body.

What are the side effects of PhenQ PM?

Sometimes it causes mild digestive issues but they quickly disappear on their own.

How long does it take for night shred black to work?

One needs to take the capsules regularly for at least one month or more to observe the visible changes. The effect depends on the individual characteristic of each customer.