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caffeine before a prostate MRI

Do you know that prostate cancer is one of the most widespread diseases experienced by men? If you are diagnosed with this type of cancer, your doctor may employ MRI to evaluate prostate cancer and determine if it is limited to the prostate. There are certain things you should avoid before MRI. In particular, this article covers why you shouldn’t consume caffeine so magnetic resonance imaging can be performed effectively.

Why should caffeine be avoided before a prostate MRI?

As a rule, caffeine is regarded as useful in various ways. Being a natural stimulant, caffeine may assist in raising alertness and focus, decreasing fatigue, and improving mood. However, it isn’t recommended to consume caffeine if you plan to get an MRI.

How caffeine affects the prostate

Nowadays it is complicated to state surely what effects caffeine has on the prostate. Carried out pieces of research in this area have provided mixed results.

For instance, some studies have shown that caffeine consumption may be connected with a lower risk of developing prostate cancer. At the same time according to other studies, high levels of caffeine intake may raise the risk of developing prostate gland enlargement (benign prostatic hyperplasia).

How caffeine affects the results of the test

Caffeine intake may influence the results of an MRI test, especially functional MRI. Being a stimulant, caffeine may raise heart rate and blood pressure. These effects, in turn, may cause alterations in blood flow to the prostate gland that may be discovered by the MRI scan. Moreover, caffeine may cause dehydration which may affect the quality of the images received during the MRI test.

Alternatives to caffeine

To ensure the most accurate and reliable results of the test, it is advisable to avoid caffeine before the MRI scan. Instead, you may replace it with other alternatives. Anyway, it is recommended to consult your doctor before the MRI test to prepare for it properly.


Water is an ideal option to replace caffeine intake before the MRI scan. It is significant to stay hydrated before the test to assist in ensuring the best possible images of MRI. However, you should drink water moderately. What’s more, do not forget to use the restroom before the MRI because you won’t have another chance until the test finishes.

Green Tea

Since green tea contains a moderate amount of caffeine, it isn’t advisable to consume it before the MRI scan as well. Green tea may affect blood flow which may potentially have an influence on the MRI results. However, you may consult your doctor to get specific instructions regarding preparation for the test.


As a rule, it is secure to exercise before the MRI test. Still, it also depends on the type of scan. In the majority of cases, there are no concrete restrictions on exercise or physical activity before the scan. However, it is always best to follow definite instructions granted by your doctor.

Preparing for a prostate MRI

There is a need to prepare for an MRI as with any medical test in advance. Your healthcare provider will set concrete instructions so you are ready for the MRI scan of your prostate properly. What’s more, there are general recommendations you may follow before doing the MRI test.


It is not necessary to fast before the MRI scan. However, it is advisable to avoid heavy and greasy foods if you plan to do this test. Instead, it will be better to consume light meals, for instance, fruits, vegetables, etc. Also, it is recommended to stop eating approximately 1-4 hours before an MRI of your prostate.

Bowel Preparation

You may be given a bowel preparation regimen before the MRI test. Since the prostate is very close to the rectum, it is crucial that there is no gas in the colon during the MRI scan. Some instructions for bowel preparation may include: sticking to a definite diet, taking bowel-cleansing agents, etc.

Drinking water

You may drink water until the beginning of the MRI test. But you will surely be asked to urinate before the scanning starts to keep your bladder as empty as possible.


MRI of the prostate is a serious test you should be ready for. One of the main rules is to restrict yourself from coffee or other caffeinated beverages. What’s more, make sure you adhere to other instructions provided by your healthcare provider before MRI to ensure the most accurate results of the test.


Can I drink caffeine the day before a prostate MRI?

As a rule, it is advisable to avoid drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages the day before a prostate MRI, especially if you are going to do a functional MRI.

Why do you have to have an enema before prostate MRI?

An enema may be done before a prostate MRI if the test is being carried out to estimate the rectum or the area around the prostate gland.

What is the best prep for prostate MRI?

Some tips for the best preparation for an MRI of the prostate are sticking to a certain diet, avoiding consuming heavy and greasy foods, restricting drinking caffeine, following bowel preparation instructions, etc.

What foods to avoid before a prostate MRI?

If you are having an MRI test of the prostate, you may be advised to avoid consuming gas-producing and fatty foods.