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Improve Prostate Health

Prostatitis and prostate cancer are much more common issues than one would like to admit. In addition, these diseases largely worsen the quality of life of men, require long treatment and may leave some unpleasant consequences. No wonder, it is easier to prevent these problems and here we are going to give a useful kit of tips on the improvement of prostate health. Introduce them into your life today and benefits will definitely follow.

Lifestyle Changes for Better Prostate Health

A healthy lifestyle is key to the prevention of many diseases. However, there are some special features to take into account for the reproductive system and a small prostate gland that is a valuable part of it.


We are what we eat and this is absolutely true. There are both harmful and useful products around us. Thus, the task is to balance a diet in a healthy way and provide the body with all the key nutrients, vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantities. That is the first step toward long and active life.

Foods to include

First of all, check whether your daily diet contains the following options and include them if not.

Fruits and vegetables

Healthy Diet

They are full of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, the digestive system easily absorbs them from such foods. Also beneficial for men’s health, especially prostate health, are green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach and broccoli. They contain compounds beneficial for the reproductive system, as well as antioxidants and flavonoids. These molecules improve the body’s condition at the cellular level.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids

These compounds are crucial for proper brainwork and the cardiovascular system condition. On average, we have more unhealthy fats in our diet. Thus, it is important to balance them with so-called healthy fats or omega-3 fatty acids. Their main source is fish and seafood.

Green tea

Green tea

The benefits of this drink are well-known for thousands of years. It is high time to profit from it. Green tea is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. It is a very powerful drink for the cardiovascular system and it prevents the development of many cancer types, including the prostate.

Soy products

These beans are rich in phytoestrogens that take part in both hormonal system regulation and cancer prevention. Several scientific investigations have proven the efficiency of this product. Thus, it is recommended to add soybeans to the diet.

Foods to avoid

The second step is to quit bad habits and remove from the diet all the potentially harmful components.

Red and processed meats

There is scientific evidence on the consumption of red meat and cancer development. Therefore, it is crucial to reduce its amount in the diet. If you do like steaks, you can eat them rarely, but not every day. In addition, these products are full of fat that badly influences blood vessels.

High-fat dairy products

Similar animal fats are contained in dairy products. Thus, limited consumption is not associated with harmful effects. However, when one eats too much, excess of calcium and fats may lead to different disorders.


Alcoholic drinks definitely enhance the risk of cancer development. Furthermore, they badly influence the body as a whole. That is why one must limit their consumption to rare occasions and not overuse them.

Sugar and refined carbohydrates

At last, foods rich in carbs are also harmful to health. Their overconsumption may lead to diabetes and disturb the metabolism. In this case, the reproductive system becomes a victim and different diseases may occur.


The following important step is to add regular exercise to your routine. Numerous investigations have proven that moderate physical activity contributes greatly to overall health including prostate condition.

Aerobic exercise

To this group belong active kinds of sport such as walking, jogging swimming and cycling. They push the cardiovascular system forward, and increase heart rate and oxygen consumption that improves overall health. The body needs oxygen for all everyday tasks and the more you get the higher your energy and activity.

Strength training

To make muscles stronger, one can practice lifting weights and working with resistance bands. Such exercises have a positive influence on the reproductive system of a man and help to maintain proper hormonal balance.

Kegel exercises

These exercises are prescribed both before and after the prostate cancer treatment. They provide additional strength to the pelvic floor muscles and thus help in urine flow control.

Supplements for Prostate Health

Furthermore, one can benefit from special supplements developed to maintain prostate condition at a high level. Such products are fully natural and not associated with any severe side effects. Thus, almost everyone can utilize them and profit from their positive influence on the body.

Saw palmetto

This product is often used in supplements and is nowadays studied as a compound that can help to decrease prostate size. In addition, it does not have severe side effects. Therefore, scientists continue investigations to find out more about its usage.


This compound was found in tomatoes and appeared to be quite useful for men. The studies revealed that it could be stored in the prostate tissue and prevent cancer development. It can be obtained from both the diet and supplements that contain higher concentrations.


This compound is used as an additional component in the treatment of an enlarged prostate. It cannot shrink it. However, it makes the flow of urine better and helps to solve the problems with urination that occur in the case of this disease.


This compound is obtained from African plants and is utilized in prostatitis treatment. It was proven that it possesses a positive influence on urinary problems and some anti-inflammatory effects. Although it does not influence the size of the gland, it relieves disturbing symptoms and improves the quality of life.

Stinging nettle

This herbal extract does not make the gland shrink. However, it positively influences its overall condition, and reduces inflammation and unpleasant symptoms. That is why it is often utilized in different supplements.

Medical Screenings and Tests

Another important aspect is regular visits to the physician. Especially men after their 40th must not neglect this duty and check their prostate at least once per year. Due to the aging process, some changes in the prostate always appear and a doctor can find them out during the examination. Early diagnostics give higher chances for successful treatment.

Digital rectal examination (DRE)

During a regular visit, a physician usually performs this easy and quick test. He needs to put his gloved finger in the rectum to feel the gland. The procedure is a bit uncomfortable but very swift and informative. Therefore, do not be afraid to do it.

Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test

In addition, a doctor may prescribe a simple blood test. Usually, the gland produces some small amounts of prostate-specific antigen. However, its concentration rises in the case of inflammation or cancer development. The test is done in the lab and the results are ready in a day.

According to these two tests, a doctor makes a conclusion about the prostate condition and further required steps.

Stress Management

At last, it is worth paying attention to your psychological condition. Stress is a key factor for many diseases. In addition, problems with the prostate deepen the stress and cause much discomfort in life. The following techniques help to relieve it.


Meditation is not about sitting still and feeling or thinking nothing. It is an art to be here and now and just to evidence what is going on inside or outside you without judgment. One needs only a couple of minutes of this practice every day to feel an improvement in psychological condition and brainwork.

Deep breathing exercises

Mediation is often related to various breathing techniques. However, you can practice them separately. The better your breathing, the more oxygen the body gets. The latter is crucial for health and proper energy levels. Therefore, deep breathing is considered a great tool to maintain strong health.


Yoga can become a part of exercising schedule. It gives work for both muscles and the brain. The practice has a powerful calming effect and helps to restore the connection with your inner self.


Altogether, there are numerous things one can do to maintain good prostate health. Moreover, they positively influence the whole body. Therefore, do not hesitate to improve your health with the help of these useful tips.


What foods clean your prostate?

This effect possesses fruit and vegetables, fish and seafood, nuts and soybeans and green tea.

What foods will shrink enlarged prostate?

Foods may help to prevent enlargement but they do not bring the gland back. Such compounds as saw palmetto are studied to reveal the possibility to cure the enlargement.

What is the best thing to drink for your prostate?

Green tea is the best drink that helps to prevent inflammation and cancer development.

What is the fastest way to shrink an enlarged prostate?

Only special medicines can solve this problem so one must visit the doctor and get a prescription.